Why Be A Bartender?

Being a bartender is pretty much the coolest job on earth.

As a bartender, you get to dress hot, socialize and meet new people, and have fun while working. Basically, it's like going out and having fun, but you get to come home with a pocket full of cold-hard cash. And bartenders make great money. In the Capital Region, you should average $150 a night. On a busy night, it can even go up to $300-400... or more! Usually at the end of the night you can take home all of your tips, both cash and credit card tips. Theres no other job that, right after you finish your shift, you get to take cash money home.

You can work at neighborhood spots, dive bars, sports bars, night clubs, or high-end restaurants. You can travel all over the country--or all over the world--and pick up a bartending job. There's no other profession out there that enables you to travel to any city, get a job, and take home money.

As a bartender, you get to be part of the action. Everybody wants the bartender, and you pretty much are the star of the show.

Pretty much, let's be serious, who doesn't want to be a bartender?

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